Header options?


Livin' Like A Refugee
May 24, 2001
Got the infamous cracked drivers side header on my GN. Thought it was the gasket, but not my luck! I know its been repaired before. Not going to have time to fix it before this weekend's Cecil race. Maybe, but I doubt it.

I really dont feel like taking it off, repairing it, and having it crack again. That'd just piss me off!

Are the new TA headers worth the investment? I know they sell the DS replacemet for $325, but for that price Id spend the money and buy the set.

And then there's the performance set.

Decisions. Decisions.

Help me out here guys.


As far as I've ever read, the stockers are good into the 10's, so fix yours, properly, or get the stock replacements from TA. No need for the performance ones until mid to low 10's and faster.
Get hold of Scott W. at GNS Performance. He says that he welds up these problem headers the right way and has never had one come back. You can reach him at 865-680-4008. He's a true stand up guy...tell him Bruce sent you.

He's the one I'm sending my header to for welding....to be done right the first time.

Bruce '87 Grand National
Thanks for all the replies. I swapped my spare on my GN today while it was on my buddies lift while some trans work was going on. Put in a new CK shift kit and servo. Feels alot better but of course I couldnt test it because it was monsoon season outside...:frown:

Guy said he would weld it up and gusset it as well. Should be done by Tuesday.

I guess the TA's will have to wait till after winter when I put the ported heads on the car. Hopefully.