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Ok guys as you know I had this being "worked on ?". We changed to a better source. We got some estimated pricing after sending the factory headers in.

I could do a poll but would rather read the reasoning.

Stock Passenger side header in Stainless.
Driver & passenger header in Stainless
Full set with a cross over
Full set with a cross over & new up Pipe design.

We will be doing these in 1/2" Mild Steel RJC header flanges with all stainless 304 mandrel bent tubing.

Ball end versus V band? what do you prefer. Keep in mind this would mean a full set of headers if we do V band.

We were working up prices with the ball ends & they get a little more pricier due to the amount of welding & actual costs.

BUT you could buy just a passenger side header in stainless. Incorporate these with the TA Driver side stock replacement & cross over or your factory cross over.
This unit:
TA Performance Grand National / T-Type Drivers Side Header

This would put the passenger side header Just under $400.00 though. Remember I'm having 10 built not 25.

Another Idea was to improve the passenger side Header & up pipe. Where the passenger side meets the up pipe use a 3 bolt flange from the header & have the same flange on the up pipe. We could also use a 2.25" V band set up. This would give a better seal.
This combo would have a price of just under $600 for the passenger header & the up pipe.

I know $ is a big thing & that is why I am trying to get what most will want & would buy.

Oh yes, but have ATR down, up and crossover, so I think the the ball would be good and less restrictive options for factory pipes...

Hot air headers

I appreciate you going forward on the HOT Air header. I am willing to pay for the better combo at the $600 range. If I understand is that for the total set up?

I am not tech knowelgeble to give opionion but I want to know I am getting some performace gain for the buck which I am sure I would .. not sure how much .

Does the better design enhance peformace enough for the price difference? If the answer is yes I take your word for it

I will be willing to pay a deposit on a set if needed.
Already talked to you about this Brian. Start with the stock header on the drivers side and stick with the stock crossover (1.75") for 1/2 of the crossover. Jump up to 2" from the middle to the passenger side and then go to 2.25" for the log on the it. Add a 2,5" up pipe and it should be good for any HA car.:biggrin:
The one exhaust piece not available anywhere for a hot air is a performance aftermarket pass side header. You can get anything else you want... So how about providing the base product as the passenger side header only, then add dropdowns to select one or more options: up-pipe, crossover, TA stock repl driver side header. Customers can build a package to suit their needs. Although that would probably nix the 3-bolt flange idea...

And we'd probably want to see performance data too. :)
I agree with the passenger side header idea. It would have to be able to bolt up to the stock crossover. You could easily make two configurations 1 for the stock ball seat type up pipe and another optional triangle flange that would require an additional up pipe purchase. This option would cover almost any owner preference and keep it fairly affordable. At least that is the goal. Surely anything hot air specific always has a golden price tag on it. Just look at that 750.00 intake!!!!!!:confused::biggrin:
Will the ports be open enough for like ported heads- the Poston headers are welded inside the port and are a bit restrictive- would be nice if they could be opend a bit... but that's tough to do on those- just a thought
Brian, you know it may take time for some of us to buy them, but if they're worth the money we will buy them. If the horsepower or torque gains are high enough/ price you'll be fine. I have an Atr up pipe and I like the one piece none flex design if that helps at all. The joints I don't care if they're ball and socket or v-band as long as they don't leak. If you need anything from me let me know I'll help if I can.
Only 8 feed backs. That is scary enough having to build 10.

wknox we already build a 3" down pipe. So your voting in getting a whole set done.

DMAC the passenger header only will be Just under $400.00. We are currently selling an up pipe at $199.95. Pretty much a replacement unit. We are trying to improve upon that.

charlief1 I do remember our conversation. I'm trying to build a set up that we can keep reasonably priced to sell not $1,000.00 set of stock replacement headers. Something a lot better then what is out there.

6 to go thanks for your input that is exactly what I was asking for.

UncleDave you are correct. The problem is that there is a lot of work in building just the driver side header. It is more expensive then building a passenger side.
I think if we did a drop down that would work as well. maybe give an option for an upgraded passenger/ up pipe with a 3 bolt flange. It may have a delay being built. Something we wouldn't stock. Something that could be built per order?

boostmaster I love your honesty LOL. Keep in mind even at the $750 price on the intake I had to get 3 built. Trying to keep costs down. When ever you do a small run there are up front costs. I can't see us selling 30 sets of passenger headers on our first run. I think 10 will take a year or more to sell. It took over a year to sell 6 down pipes. What you didn't see was a price increase & me buying 15 to maintain that price. I have 9 hot air down pipes sitting in stock now. But we ordred 35 down pipes on the 86-7's. We can't keep them in stock. I would love to sell just as many hot air parts as we do 86-7's. Trust me the prices would come down considerably.

O SO LO we will be using the RJC flanges so yes they will be opened up to match a TA style set.

MikeStarner Mike as always I appreciate your support. If it makes you faster you want it.

As far as performance anything has to be better then the factory unit.

I'm looking for a good set of headers; does not matter how I get there..

Does the TTA drivers side fit the 84/85 HA system, if yes then I would need the passenger side header built.

I have the ATR down, up and crossover fitted with ball type or factory hookup.

Where header to fit factory up and crossover would keep the cost down for the owner untill they want to upgrade more exhaust.
I'm looking for a good set of headers; does not matter how I get there..

Does the TTA drivers side fit the 84/85 HA system, if yes then I would need the passenger side header built.

I have the ATR down, up and crossover fitted with ball type or factory hookup.

Where header to fit factory up and crossover would keep the cost down for the owner untill they want to upgrade more exhaust.

What I meant for the driver side was The TA performance Driver side header & cross over. Here they are for the 86-7 which will work for the 84-5.
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I originally thought maybe modify the TA header on the passenger side. But after reviewing the modifications building a new unit seemed more practical & cost efficient. The fact that TA will not sell just the passenger side doesn't help either.
Heres all I'm saying, I don't want pretty, I want more power. I want fast, if you can make functional powerful and durable, it will sell. It should all work together and would be nice if it had three bolt flanges on the up pipe, and the designed up pipe looked like the atr but smoother. And NO leaks. The downpipe I bought was just to get rid of leaks and I was so impressed with power you know I've let it snowball out of control. This will still get headers whether it takes you weeks or months, but it will get your headers. Unlike a lot of people I will spend a TON of money to get this fast, so I know someone else feels like me (cough) BRENT. Lol

I would definetly be interested in a set of headers for the hot air cars especially if it's a performance increase, I've got the old Ellis fab. down & up style so I'm sure there's room for improvement. I've always liked the way the old atr headers were designed but there might not be room on our cars, because of turbo position. Anyways, thanks for continuing to support the hot air cars & count me in.
If i was to choose i would say

Full Set, Stainless With ALL V-Band Connections.

Buy once and never have to upgrade again. The ball ends are ok but sometimes a PITA to get to seal especially at the Up-pipe connection. I have since switched to V-Bands and thats the only way to go.

That setup combined with the 3" DP and New Intake.. 12's for everyone
I'll buy the new intake when it's ready and would cough up the money for a complete exhaust system if I was pretty sure it would fit well and didn't leak. (I vote for v-bands) Are you planning to make provisions for an external waste gate? Stainless would be best but if ceramic-coated mild steel would be significantly cheaper, I'd go that way. Thanks for considering to do this.
What is the status of these headers? I am ready to buy a set and looking for down pipe to. I will be happy to see how they work out. Jim