Headgasket installation with Studs

from RJC Racing :) 435-882-2839

includes 2 gaskets, applicator pad, applicator special silicon and detailed instructions.

those studs will work great

no special machining is required with these gaskets.

hope this helps
removed the head and noticed that it has some rings on the top of the cylinders. like a sleeve.
my mech says that is a fire ring.
will the rjc work fine with this setup?
Just you see on ring gasket basically you will explode a piston or lift the heads before gaskets let go.
stock heads, no grooves on the heads.
will I have a problem with a almost crushless gasket like the rjc?
Of course....Here is the carnage...
note the pic of the cyl#2. that sleeve like metal. Do I need to machine it down, remove it, etc, to use the RJC headgasket?
The head does NOT have a matching recessed area.
The engine had Felpro headgaskets.

Also, do I need to rehone the cylinders, note the scratching. There is some rust on the lower part on some of the cylinders. Can I sand it down or use a honing tool (which one?)
also, note the rod bearings.
I plan to change them anyway but are they ok?
Keep in mind that I ran the engine at idle with oil and water mix for like 15 to 20 minutes.


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You can find the appropriate sized copper wire and put it in the machined groove. You want a smaller diameter than the groove so it has room to flatten out when the head is torqued down. Looks like a lot of crap circulated through the engine. Embedded metal in the bearings and all the scoring on the journals. The crank needs to be machined and all parts 100% washed

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I would machine the deck flat then make it up with thicker cometic head gaskets. But that's just me.

Searching around the web I found that I have loc-wire rings on my block

already have the RJC gaskets and wondering if I can use them with my loc-wire, remove them or use another headgasket

Any sugestions?
Then it's best to use ringed gaskets. Good news is if you blow a reciever groove gasket it will most likely be through the oil pan lol..
but... use a cooper gasket and leave the o rings, remove the o rings ans use the rjc, or leave the o rings and use the rjc gasket?....
Leave orings, use copper gaskets. 100% dry and clean, dawn wash, acetone wipe, crank them down. Make sure you leave some room in the tune.
going to remove the o rings.
shop uses an epoxy to fill the groove and machie down the excess.
no cooper gaskets for me now.
tune is very conservative so no worry there..
Good luck with that. Not sure why you would spend money to downgrade.
will see
use a crappy headgasket with o rings or upgrade the gasket without them.

keep you guys posted..
Very nice thread. So let me get this correct. To retorque my heads I need to back off the nut some and retighten?
yes , back off one bolt at a time about a 1/4 turn and then swing back to your final torque ,
if you want to mark the nut before you start and you can tell it it went further on the retorque
no do not need to back off. just set your torque wrench at 85 or 90# and check each nut.