hello out there...


U aint that big
Feb 25, 2005
hey guys.....been gone for a while, im back now. Been really busy and it seems like there is no end in sight:eek: haha anyways, got some stuff for sale, if anyone close is interested in this stuff, let me know. Also I have a bunch of crap for 65 rivieras(doors, nice bumpers, body panels, electronics, everything) Heres the Buick stuff:
LM-1(needs sensor, its basically new besides that)- $150
Aux Box- $100
KB Valve covers(very nice)- $100
MSD 8mm Wires(used)- $50
Keith Mease Plenum-$80
Jay Jackson 62mm TB-$50
I have more stuff...ill let you know thanks...Jeff
Thanks for posting up and offering TB.com Southwestern Section first call.
Thanks Gary, My brothers Mark, im Jeff:D Tb and plenum might be sold, sorry Lee.

Sent payment for LM-1 ($150) on 9-22

I need some kind of information on how it was sent, where it was sent, and if you have a tracking number.

You also have another email.

It should be there, I dont have the tracking # in front of me, but ill post it as soon as I find it.