Help...too much boost!


Lone Wolf
I just put on a 3"DP, 3" test pipe, and ATR 2.5 exhuast.

As boost shoots up quicker and higher.

Problem is it is going too high and I have run out of actuator rod. If I turn in more it will seperate.

Can I put a valve in the boost line somewhere to bleed some air?
No, on the valve....

Do you have a stock actuator? I understand you to mean that you have the rod as long as possible? How far do you have to pull the rod to slip it over the wastegate arm?
Steve, it is the stock actuator arm but I performed the proceedure for making it adjustable. I have it as long as possible.

I do not have to pull on it at all to make it go over the the arm of the puck. It just fits perfectly.
lone wolf, all you need to do is put a garainger type valve in the line to the wastegate selonoid. You can even mount it inside & have boost control from the drivers seat:) I was having overboost problems & no one came up with a cure till I was told about that trick. I just took the line off the wastgate selonoid & ran it to a garainger valve inside & it works great!
You need at least a tenth of an inch pull to keep enuf tension on the tuck to prevent it from leaking and causing slow boost.

If you are running that much boost with a stock actuator, then something would appear to be leaking. Pull the hose off the wastegate solenoid and block it. See if the boost drops back to about 12-14#. (I mean to plug the hose end)

BTW, what boost is programmed into your chip? that you mention it....the boost does seem to climb more slowly than before.

My RA 93 chip is for 17 pounds of boost.