Hide yo kids, hide yo GN's...


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Headed over to BuickMike's this afternoon to look at his set of SpoolFool's front bumper fillers as I'm about to order them (they are beautiful by the way!). On the way I get behind a ratty Chevy Traverse, guy slows down and pulls over into the right lane, let's me by then gets behind me again and follows me all the way there. He stops in the street as I pull into the driveway clearly staring at the GN, then he see's Mike's in his garage. Mike comes out and when we both meet in the driveway he drives off. Mike didn't see him but as I'm describing him he comes pulling back down the street. We both stare him down as he's driving by.

Later tonight I drove by his house on the way to Chipotle just to see if anything weird is around, nothing there. As I'm in Chipotle he texted me to tell me that there was a silver Pontiac Bonneville with some dark tinted windows sitting in front of his house as he and his son were hanging out front playing some hockey in the driveway. He gave him the stink eye and the guy finally left. I stopped by on the way back but we never saw anyone while I was there.

So moral of the story, people want your beautiful stuff because it's not fair to them that they don't have it. The watch is on, here's to hoping it's just a weird coincidence and not someone casing the place out. Watch your stuff people!!!

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The nice thing is, Texas is a castle law state, and this includes my vehicles.;) If someone tries something like that, the AR or FN FAL comes out and the night gets lit up.:D I pity the fool.:ROFLMAO:
Yeah man, I'm pretty freaked out. I did a few things to make it harder to get into, tow, etc. I feel like camping out in the car with my shit loaded and ready. My dog sleeps in my room so let's hope if something happens that he will hear it and wake me up. Let's hope I'm not being cased. Sean I'm pretty sure the first car was a Saturn Vue. Add a dude with a flatbill on backwards and a wife beater on and you got the complete picture. Too bad I was unable to get plates.

I understand your worry and would be just as apprehensive, but why didn't you just approach the guy and ask him what the deal was?

Maybe he was just trying to point out a really cool car to his kid(s), or dream a little bit............... You should have approached him if you felt he was "sizing you up". The best defense is a strong offense.

In either case, it would have let him know you were on to him.

I've been given the "stink eye" plenty of times when looking at cars. I will say, I wasn't looking to steal anything and if I was just gawking, I paid no attention.

Not everybody has nefarious intentions.

Jus' sayin'.
Also if I notice someone - who I feel is acting strange - I would NEVER drive to my final destination, you either pass it up or take an alternate route. I'm a little paranoid, but more so - I always pay attention to my surroundings, if I think someone is suspicious- just slow down, let them pass you and duck off, or get their plates. With these cars, and nice things in general, you always have to be vigilant and pay attention. On a side note make sure you have layered defense.

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At first I thought that the first guy was maybe an enthusiast but when he came back around and drove off I got a little nervous. The second car was stranger to me. I started to approach and they drove off. I should have pulled out the phone and started taking pics.
Yeah not everyone is devious, something just didn't feel right here. I've creeped on many cars as well, but always gave a thumbs up or even spoke to the owner. I nearly dry humped a GN in the parking lot in college looking at it when I noticed through the dark tinted windows that someone was in it. I let the guy know I was just drooling, not looking to do anything. He lives first house on the end so by the time he pulled into the street after me I was already in the driveway, completely agree about driving on, just happened too fast. Nobody else in the car with him, and he didn't stop on his way back the 2nd time. This was just a reminder to everyone to keep an eye out, weird stuff happens fast.
sad part is, if they are casing the place, they will likely wait to show up especially if they think you were onto them.

I caught a guy in an automotive delivery truck swinging down my dead end street and pulling up like he owned the place, just to snap a pic of my car in the driveway. he saw me pulling in and drove off. I was kinda paranoid for a while but the car is still here lol. And I've done my share of gawking and cell phone pics of cars in driveways that I had previous knowledge of. So heres hoping for an honest fan or two.
I run a repair facility and once had to test drive a very expensive car. I left my shop and turned onto the interstate. Once on I noticed an out of state truck following me. I then turned off at the next exit and re entered the interstate going back the other way. This same truck turned off and followed me back on to the interstate. When I turned off again he was still behind me. I then waited at the stop sign until I could pull out, yet make it so he could not follow right away. I quick ran it back to the shop and parked it inside, before he could see where I was. Not sure if they just wanted pics but I was scared to find out.