Highway Stars ( NEW MARKER LIGHTS)

No but I ordered two sets from the other guy on eBay selling them for 139 each. He tip toed around telling me they were repoduction. They are stamped GM with a new part number. Quality is soso at best. One came with a scratch on the lens already and the other set the black is over sprayed on the lens a nice amount. I guess you get what you pay for. I dont know how much better a true nos set would be since alot of the nos stuff I bought is far from perfect Also
I havent seen any but I did buy New GM park lights, corner lights, bezels, park light rings and bumper strips at the Buick event when they had it at Indy. If I knew it could cost this much now, I would have never put them on the car.

Are you going to BG? If so, look around there before pulling the trigger if you can wait.
Unless I'm mistaken all those repop's are Paul Cassels ?? That he is selling for $199 a set. Heading for BG Tuesday morning so I hope I get to see both down there. One thing about Glen and he even states this. Done Rght. I do believe if you got one from him with defects he'd take care of you.
i saw the ebay ones that carry all the gm part stampings , didnt like them ..the black is too flat and the reflector style and color is wrong .. but they are $cheap$
Yeah I don't know where mine came from but they are stamped GM and sold by parts store or something like that. Same guy that sells the grill emblems. I didn't even compare them to my orig ones before stuffing them on the shelf. I bought them about 8 weeks ago before noS4gn had them.
I also bought a set off ebay...I sorta like them..The black trim is flat The only flaw . The orange color is the same as the bumper lights... I like the look against a black car. I dont think it would look good on anything other than black. I cant believe the old gm ones sell for 300.00 set on ebay. Now 109.00 for these.They were 37.00 at the dealer when I bought a set back in the day. I think they are priced right. I dont think paul cassile made them...
Heading for BG Tuesday morning so I hope I get to see both down there.

Hi Mike,
Look for me with Dennis, Pete, and Richard.
Sitting in Winchester KY right now.
Short drive tomorrow. (sorry, not with my T )
side marker lights

Holy cow Mike, I ordered a set from Glen five days ago, paid by Paypal. How did you get them soooo fast?:eek:

Walt, he LIKES me.:):)
Really there's along story behind it but I'll tell eveyone this, Glen is one heck of a guy. Straight up as they come. We are damn lucky to have him in our Buick world. His dedication is priceless. So to you ALL, buy every darn piece you can from GLEN !!!!!
Can someone fill me in on these? I bought the orange crap off ebay before glen had these. I honesty took them out of the box looked at them for 5 seconds then put them back in the box and on a shelf till after paint. Now I see this, I don't want this orange crap. I already emailed the other seller complaining because now he lists his as orange instead if the right color, he didn't do that when i bought my 2 sets. So are there two different people making them ? The ones I have also have the GM stamping.
Ok, here's the scoop.
Those ORANGE repop things that several different ones are selling are all one and the same from a company called the partsplace. The new REAL GM ones from Glen are a licensed product that Glen came up with and they are exactly like what you would of received from GM. Alittle more to it then that but that's the main scoop of it. BUY EM !! They are NICE!! and NO !! I am NOT!!affiliated with it in NO way shape or form, just want you guys to get the best for your money. Hell I should be crying the blues as I have 21 nos right side ones put away and just paid $170 for an NOS left one two weeks before Glen came out with his. DARN !!
Mike, I'm just messin. Let me say this, I was having a little trouble with the transaction on his site. Glen asked me to call back the next day and he would guide me through. This guy has the patience of a Saint. He spent nearly 45 minutes on the phone with me to process the order. Never once, did he get upset or impatient with me. I've had some experiences with others and some just want to get you in and get you out. Not Glen, he is one prince of a vendor, a good person to deal with, and he delivers top quality items.
Yup that's his site. Still a hell of a deal at $149 for what guys have been paying for just the left one. Man I'm surprised at how many of you didn't know about Glen and all his wonderful Buick parts. Well you do now so better get them now as who's to know how long this will last ??