Home Burglarized


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May 24, 2001
Got home this morning and found items and money missing from my house. The bad part about it is my parents , daughter and son were all at home asleep. Jewelry , watch , cash , coins , knives are all gone. My cable box is also gone. My guns are still here along with a vcr which was unplugged and sitting on he floor.:confused: My Buick parts are still here.
Thank God that no one was hurt. HPD got some finger prints and I hope they catch the idiots soon. These people were not too bright, they used my maglight which I kept next to my computer to look around and left it sitting on my bed which I noticed right away. My lazy dog was outside probably asleep also. Just wanted to tell you guys to be sure to lock or double lock your doors. It pisses me off to think people were in my house looking around with people asleep, they are lucky that I was not home or they would be answering to a .357 Anyway you guys take care.
Sorry to hear that John. They must be idiots breaking in when somebody is home. Let me know if you need an alarm system for the home. Take care.
F*#@'n Crackheads! They all deserve to DIE!!! :mad:

I hope you catch 'em next time! Be sure to use some hot loads! :mad:

That Bites!!!

Thats gotta feel ten times worse than getting your car stolen. Especially with family in the house at the time! :mad::mad::mad::mad:

Did they get the cash from the rims? :(

My home defense equipment of choice is a Remington 870 with #10 shot. Nothing more intimidating than the sound of that slide racking back and forth.

I found out home insurance covers only $200 cash so I'm out about $1500. If you guys ever have cash to deposit, make sure you do it. Don't be like me and say, "I'll do it tommorrow".
Tom, they didn't get that cash, I had it in my pocket. :D I had a Remington 870 Police Model, extended magazine, pistol grip stock. That thing was intimidating. I wish I never sold it.:D
Insurance left you$1500 in the hole, huh?

Hey John,

Be sure to claim that antique Rolex/wedding ring/Van Gogh painting (circle one) that your Grandfather/Grandmother/Favorite Uncle (circle one) left you, which of course you wouldn't have a receipt for and doesn't depreciate. Why, surely it must have been worth at least $1500?(wink, wink, nudge, nudge);)

Thats Max for sure , especially the one where he's walking the owner.:D One thing missing is his 6 am and 6 pm feeding with numerous "snacks" in between. Even one of the police officers said "What kind of dog is that?" I told him "lazy"
And the answer is...

Originally posted by TurboV6
Phthon 686 6? What is that.:confused:

Python = Colt Python revolver

686 = Smith and Wesson model 686 revolver

6" SS = 6" stainless steel barrel

Only question left is, ".357"?