hotair coil pack replacement options...


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anyone have prices on a GM replacement and then the accell coil.. and if the accell coil is worth it?

ive come to the conclusion that my cars random boost tolerances are due to the coil.. ex.. too much load. sometimes it will pull hard through 1st, 2nd, and then pop in 3rd, sometimes through 3rd and it'll pop in OD. sometimes the boost will ramp up and it'll pop until get out of it enough to lower the boost a few psi..

with a friend of mine in the car thats an extra 250lbs, it pops at 10psi... this isnt a backfire, just a fluttering 'pfffffttftftftfttffttftf' noise and the boost gauge will jiggle, etc....
HEY Nick
I run the Accel coils on my cars. Believe it's about $89.00 from Jeg's. Haven't had any probs with them yet. They include an adapter to I believe.