How bad is this intercooler damage


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Sep 29, 2005
Considering getting this from someone in a potential trade, how much will this affect performance.

Is that a SL or FM? Wont cost much for a radiator shop to leak test it. ALso the core may be crimped there hurting flow
i ran a BGC 23 row for a long time that had simlar damage. Finally after lowering the car it got caught and smashed into my crank pulley and is pretty useless now. But it worked for a long time and leak tested ok.
As long as it doesnt leak.. your fine. Fill it with water and see if it leaks.. easiest test.
IF it does leak, just sand the area and apply JB weld over it. Works everytime. If the area that leaks is in an inaccessible area, heat the intercooler with a heat gun/oven, and pour the JB seld into the area an use a heat gun to make the epoxy flow into the area. Use gravity to help you.
That much crush won't affect the flow enough to notice. You might want to straighten the fins(very gently) with a pair of pointy nose pliers, to keep the cooling efficiency up in that area though.