how do i make it not take me to the last page of a thread when i click on the title?


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May 12, 2004
well, it takes me to the last post i read on a thread- but i click on the thread title because i want to go to the first page.. if i want to go to page 3 to see how people responded to my last really clever and witty post, then i'd click on page 3 and scroll down to it..
is this something that can be disabled, or is it an "improved feature" of the forum software over every other forum software that i've run into since getting on this new fangled internet thing back in 1998 that i have to accept and get used to? because change is bad, mmmkay..

i've already come to grips with the fact that i have to scroll down past 6 complete sections of the forum that i never use to get to the lounge and off topic area- and then scroll back up past those same 6 sections to hit the tech sections after i'm done there- instead of just being able to collapse them and put most of the forum on one main page..
If it's more than one page hover over the title and it will show how many pages. Click on the number of the page you want to go to. I start at the top of the form first and work my way down so I don't worry about it. The really nice thing is that you get notifications at the top of each page so I can see what's been posted after I leave.:cool: