how many members have keep their 86 to 87 gn's and t-type stock or close to.


i was just interested in seeing how many members have keep their gn's or t-types stock or close to stock,changes like exhaust and suspension up grades
are permitted.
My 86 GN is almost all stock. just has hooker exhaust,cai,turbotweak chip,and fuel pump. could be brought back to 100% stock very easily.
we did from 1986/2006 with the fleet of all our cars .. mid 11 DRIVERS .. Then in 2006 we did modify Melissa's STREET/RACE 87 GN .. ran 9s in street trim . has all the safety stuff to race anywhere.. Way we look at it it was suppose to be a fun "beater" !! Has done it's job :p To me the stock stuff is and will be worth more $$$$.. old age talking :p
FROM RJC'S PAGE .... similar to my set up not same #'s low ten's for me on foot brake !
Car owner; Jason Cramer (Race Jace)
Best E.T. 9.89 @ 136 @ 2500 ft. Ele.
Best 60' 1.37

This car is no lightweight, tipping the scales at 3610lbs with driver!


· Stock 109 block
· Stock Crank .01 rods .02 mains balanced at 50% on bobs.
· Stock Rods with ARP bolts.
· Stock Main caps
· RJC Racing Girdle with crank scraper.
· RJC Racing Deep Sump Oil Pan
· RJC Racing "Bullet proof head gaskets".
· RJC valve cover extensions with stock valve covers
· RJC 7 piece pulley Set
· RJC Racing headers.
· RJC A.D. power plate for the precision plenum
· Precision plenum
· 70MM T.B.
· +.030 TRW pistons with light weight JE wrist pins
· Total seal rings
· Comp 218/218 flat tappet hyd cam. (off the shelf)
· Ported GN1 heads.
· ARP head studs torqued to 85 ft/lbs.
· Champion Scorpion Chevy style 1.6 rockers
· Ported stock intake done by myself
· HR Parts poly motor mounts
· All factory accessories including cold A/C and working cruise control
· GT-70 Q trim 3 bolt turbocharger, Precision 85 exhaust housing.
· FAST engine management tuned by Jason with pointers from Cal Hartline.
· 83# MSD injectors
· Stock fuel lines.
· Acufab Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
· Dual XP pumps setup by Tom Cramer, 2nd pump on at 17# of boost.
· CAS V1 front mount
· Terry Houston 3.5" down pipe and exhaust
· Stock style waste gate.
Hey Jamie!- How have you been with the flooding up there?

I don't know if you have seen it yet in the resto forum, but my cars' paint and bodywork is done- Getting it back this Thursday! I can't thank you enough for your help and parts.

Thread hijack over,


One Modded And On 100% Stock Even Tires
MY GN is stock. what would you expect of a twenty two year old muslecar. but to STOCK pile parts. just ask mudstainboy!
Mine is all stock except paint and it is going to stay that way for the most part.

It is going to get the gauge pods on the a pillar and a scan master. I am looking for a stock part that I haven't found.:frown: I need to get a plug for the oem stereo. The one that plugs into the stereo from the front speakers.

Since I live in the rural part of Indiana it is hard to find parts in the few and far between salvage yard. If anyone has one of these plugs I would be more than happy to buy it.:D
Mine looks stock...:biggrin:


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