How much does it cost to change a torque converter??

tom h

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Sep 1, 2001
I was wondering what a typical Labor-only cost is, assuming it's done at competent shop ?
(Without parts or material, not at "Joe's Hack 'N Yugo Repair Shop")

Is this typically a $300 job?
More? :(
$150-ish is a very reasonable figure.

I read the thread , where it was estimated $300 to install a valve body or shift kit, that got me scared :eek:

Trying to do a torque converter change with a jury-rigged transmission jack , the car on 18" jackstands, me on my middle-aged back, and fluid dripping in my face, seems a good way to ruin a weekend !
We get 195.00 out here. Big difference between an R&R and a shift kit service and maintence job. With shift kit , you have parts, filters, fluid, CAwdf, and any other surprises, such as a helicoil here and there after Magilla Gorilla worked on,and we put drain plugs in. It all takes benchtime and test time, which is money. Anybody tells you different they must work for someone else other than themselves.Also loops and exhaust play a part. BB cars with headers or turbo cars with hugh crossovers we get 205-250.00... and I think we are competant...(Sometimes I wonder ...LOL)