how to build and modify the Turbo Hydramatic 400 Transmission


No longer a Buick guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Guys,
If anyone has this book would you be willing to lend it to me so I can read it over here in Afganistan. That way when I get home in June I know what I want done to my tranny. I'll even pay for the shipping.

Thanks in advance
PLEASE!!! Someone has to have this book, I promise I'll give it back in the same shape that I got it. heck the worst case scenario is I get killed then of course you'll never get it back:biggrin:
I just tried to find a used one for you thinking there may be a cheap copy out there but the lowest I could find was $125. Good luck in your search. Hopefully someone can help you out.
Yhea I had my sights on one on ebay but I got out bid by .50 cents. The bad part is they probably don't even need it they just know it's worth big bucks so the got it to flip a buck.

TurboBuRick if you can delete my other post with the same title I opened this one in the general section because there is more people that go there then the trans section so my chances of getting a reply were alot higher as you can see from the two threads.
I have a really quick update, I found and bought one of the how to build and modify the turbo hydromatic 400 off of evil bay for $55.00 so for all of you that helped me.

THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!!!!:biggrin:

GOD Bless and be safe.