how to get better throttle response?

cecil bass

Aug 27, 2012
I'm all stock exp. for a Walbro fuel pump,Hotwire kit, I was wondering how I could get a better throttle response out of the thing??? any help would be appreciated
Turbo cars aren't like that,only way you'll get the break-neck feel is is you puntch it from 45mph an it kicks down, or you get sticky tires an launch from dead stop at 5-7psi boost. time for chip an exhuast an KN filter to match you fuel pump for more "feel"
If the car seems to hesitate or delay in turbo response, remove the intake pipe and check the turbo shaft for free wheeling. It should spin free, if not , you may have coking on the bearings putting a drag on the shaft.
Over the years, my experiences have been...... Any little improvement I made to pre throttle components improved throttle response. Two Items in particular made seat of the pants differences
Upgrading to a bit larger throttle body (62mm to be specific) and....
Upgrading from a stock maf to a 3" LT1 made a difference, and again, ugrading from the 3" LT1 maf to the 3.5" LS1 maf made even more of a difference.

These changes were felt even before I made any tuning adjustments to take full advantage of the new devices.
Tune has something to do with it too. Make sure your TPS and IAC's are set correctly.
TPS .42-.46
IAC 20-25
That helps a lot when your out of tune....IF you are.
If you have only a pump and hotwire kit with no way to control fuel pressure other than a stock regulator, that's your main problem. Your probably running pig rich.
AF 04
L8 34
Bat 13.5
Int 123- 126
BL 146
Cle 181
ATS 66
R 675
Tps .40
Iac 33
Cc numbers go up by 8-10 at a time
Mal 00

these numbers are with the car in Park it normal operating temperature
What is your fuel pressure set at? Your BL's are maxed, look for exhuast leaks before the turbo and vacuum leaks, or possibly a chip not matched to the injectors. TPS could go up a bit to .42. RPM is a little low at idle, bump it up to 850 and reset the TPS.
Whats up Jermey? You take that S2 car out to the digs yet?

Cars been on jackstands for the past couple years getting upgrades. Been too busy building everyone elses cars and a few others of my own to play much lately. Did a lot of parking lot warrior type stuff for a while and got board with it. Making the car into more of an all out road course/street/strip car so parts have been high $$$ which = slow moving transition.
Like mentioned earlier, is tune. That'll be the cheapest fix you can make.

The two biggest changes I made that made throttle response quick/snappy was moving to a 9.5 non lock converter and a roller cam setup.

Out of those two the non lock converter was huge. The weight difference from the stocker is a amazing and that alone will allow the motor to respond quicker to throttle input.
where should my fuel pressure be at with stock chip , walbro FP, and hot wire kit? I need to get a I just a fuel pressure regulator to adjust the fp. How can I tell if it running to rich or lean w/ scan master? all this is definitely a learning curve for me.....
With the vacuum line off the regulator, fp should be 42-43. Take a pic of your engine bay and post it so we can see what all is done.