How to properly remove front spindles and control arms?


Boost is good.
What's the proper procedure in taking off the factory spindles and upper/lower control arms? I already took off the 3 nuts with the cotterpins on the spindle...and knocked out the tie rod end but not sure what else to do next...I'm replacing all this crap with new stuff. Thanks.
:eek: I got the spindle off...that was fairly easy...just had to beat on the upper control arm with a hammer and when I loosened the top nut some more, the whole spindle and lower arm I just need to know how to remove the control arms without having the spring go flying at me!:eek:
Support the lower control arm with a floor jack near the ball joint. Remove the sway bar links, tie rod ends, brake caliper and rotor, and shock absorber. Loosen the lower control arm pivot bolts, do not remove yet. Completely remove the spindle by seperating from the upper and lower ball joints. Then slowly lower the jack. Be careful, the spring will pop out when you lower the lower contol arm.
OK thanks...what about the upper arm? I removed to two 18mm nuts on the side of the bar (nuts were facing the passenger side fender). Do I undo those nut looking things on the front and back side of that bar?
You remove the two 18mm nuts. Then push the bolts out of the frame and remove the control arm assembly. The bolts are nurled near the head where they seat in the frame to keep them from rotating when changing shims for alignment. Sometimes they are a pain to remove. Rocking the control arm up and down will tend to loosen them then tap them out with a hammer.
You might want to put a chain around the coil spring and fasten the other end to the other side of the car before you lower the jack.:eek: Those things have a huge amount of kinetic energy when released suddenly. Just don't be in front of it if it does pop out or death can occur.:eek: Or just buy the proper spring compressor and do it safely.
I think I'll get the spring compressor since I'll have to put new ones in with the new tubular control arms. I really don't feel like hurting myself:eek: