I converted my stock unopened long block NA 3.8 2V to fuel injected, turbocharged and intercooled

How many miles on
Approximately 500 miles so far

So you got a weeks worth of driving done in a year ! Come on Dave get out there and drive that thing !!!! I just got 1 of my blue ones out on the road in the last 2 weeks and probably got 500 miles in so far. Merry Christmas in case I don't see you
I know what you mean
if I could find a new touch tone heater control module I would
its hard to drive the car without a heater, defroster or AC
still though 21 lbs of boost out of a stock engine rocks
Merry X-mas back atcha and happy new year too
It will last a long time if you don't rattle it. Keep the timing back and the a/f on the rich side. The NA piston has little heat rejection capability and is very thin where the wrist pin area is.
Did not get it to the dyno yet. I have been plagued with exhaust leaks.
I do have a G-tech pro but haven't used it yet.
That also tells approximate horsepower / torque
I have been thinking about doing a 4.1 next
I used the original 3.8 that was in the car because it has a 109 block
I found an 83 buick Riviera donor car. 10K on rebuilt engine for $475
I need to go to NY state to verify its a 291 block before I tow it home.
Car still running strong? Im planning an e85 Hot Air conversion onto an NA block. Just going to go as cheap as possible. I figure, why not?!
Go for it
I am glad I did it
The car is still running strong with 20 lbs of boost on the street
it has gone about 3500 miles since the conversion and is holding together well
run it a little rich and watch the knock on hot days and it should last a good long time and still be fun to drive.
Almost five years later still running well.
I just put a set of ATR headers and downpipe to cure the chronic exhaust leaks. (see pictures)
Engine is holding up well


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I'm also interested in an update on this and how much boost it's been holding. I'd be interested in seeing how long a completely stock N/A 3.8 or 4.1 can last in the 25psi range with no knock. In the name of science.
Interesting read. Glad to see the n/a block holding up. And also following cuz the turbo motor prices are insane. And I'm in a middle of a swap into my 87 GTA.