I need to change bell housing patterns...


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Aug 28, 2001
I want to put a 200 behind a new 4.2L I-6 outta 2002 Trailblazer. This is going in my '55 Chevy truck for those interested. The bell housing pattern is different and the starter is at about the 10 o'clock position if you are looking at the flywheel. Does anyone cut off bell housings totally and weld/bolt new ones on? Or can I have an adapter made? If the adapter route is chosen, what is the usual course of action for "spacers" between the flex plate and torque convertor? TIA -Chuck
Didn't Fairbanks used to do this back in the 60's? Seems like they made a "ClutchFlite" from a T-400 tranny... I'm sure it could be done, but as for who???
I thought one of the vendors on here (maybe CK Performance) had performed a bell housing swap on a trans. I was thinking they put a Buick housing on a Ford AOD to bolt behind a TR motor? Maybe Chris will chime in to confirm or deny? -Chuck
this can be done but will be very costly as all the parts are custom.it wont be difficult toake a converter that fits the trans and flywheel without an adapter,but hooking up the engine to the trans will be difficult unless a mid plate is made,.
Chris, how did you attach the housing to the AOD (that's on your site). Is it bolted to the case somehow or is it welded on. If I can get the proper case for my engine, could we just hack off the bell housing and stick it on the 200 case. I never figured this would be a problem, those Trailbalzers are supposed to have 4L60-E's in them and I just "ASSumed" the housing pattern was the same as all the other 4L60E/700's I've seen hanging off the backs of SBC's. Guess I was wrong. TIA -Chuck
According to This Link The Trailblazer is listed as an application (4th one down the list on the left). Since the 4.2L I-6 is the only engine offered in that vehicle, I'd say that's the only trans available also. Gonna try to mock up a core trans tonight and see if it will work. If it doesn't I'll take a pic of the rear of the engine and e-mail it to you . -Chuck
Test fit an old 250C I had laying around. NO dice. I was lucky the dowel pin holes lined up. Those are the only holes that "work". None of the other holes are even remotely close. I've got a couple of pics if anyone is interested, post or e-mail me.
I guess I'm gonna need to find someone that can build a mechanical 4L60, inside this "new style" 4L60-E case for me. I do not have the PCM required to run the electric trans. So much for using my 200 that's already built. -Chuck
Fresh from the GM dealer across the street. In case anyone wants to know... The "new" 4L60E has a two piece case, similar to the manual trans of yesterday. The bell housing bolts to the main case of the transmission. So at least I have something to go on now. That particular piece lists new at GM for $121. I have one on order to see if I can make an adapter. I feel better about today now, thought I'd share some interesting trivia. -Chuck