I'm Baaaaack!


New Member
Nov 9, 2003
Hello all,
I used to post on here every now and then about 3 years ago.............I tried to log on tonight and they said I had an invalid username, so I registered again with the same username as before. They must automatically throw your a$$ out if you don't post for a long time? :confused: Anyways, thought I'd "re-introduce" myself and say hi to everyone.

I see Raven still writes some killer stories on here! He should charge a fee to read his posts.........they're damn good stories! :cool:
welcome back... as for your user name being deleted, there was some sort of big server crash about 2 years ago, i think may 2001 or something like that, and everything was lost, i dont think these guys here have the heart to delete user names... other wise we would only have about 2,000 members on the board, not 10,000
Thanks Vendor Defendor. I'm getting the turbo itch again......thought I'd come check out the classifieds. Anyway if anyone on here needs any custom painting tips, or help in any way just email me and I'll be more than happy to assist anyone with their painting needs.