I'm going to jail.

Okay, Vince has pitched in three varsity games now.

First game is posted above.

Second game again only two innings but four K's, no hits, no walks and two put outs at first. Throwing much harder as he gets stronger.

Third game, cranking well into the mid 80's now. He pitches five innings, seven K's, one walk, one cheesy pop that drops behind the shortstop for a hit and nothing got out of the infield for put outs at first.

He was awesome and having fun.

But I have to tell this story about game three:
The starting pitcher got shelled in the first inning giving up a three run homer and Vince takes the mound to get the final out. Very few have seen Vince in the last 10 months, he is now 6'5" and the announcer says "is that Vincent" when he took the mound? He finally gets to DJ who hit the three run blast. DJ is a huge firstbaseman that Vince has known since little league when I coached him and DJ (he hit homers back them too). So they smile at each other and DJ digs in. I'm sitting next to his dad. DJ loves fastballs so Vince winds up and challenges him with the hardest I've ever seen him throw, had to be doing 85 easy. Dj swings for all he's worth but way too late Vince blows a belt high fastball right by him splitting the plate in half. DJ's dad is laughing and yelling "he blew the cheese by you boy" and DJ turns around to look at his dad as if to say "yea dad I know". Vince has this half grin as DJ digs in again. He throws one even harder, belt high, heart of the plate and DJ is late again winding himself up. His dad and I are both hollering and he again yells "he blew the cheese by you again boy", DJ ignores him just staring at Vince. Vince throws a high fastball that DJ lays off of for ball one. DJ calls time and steps out of the box, graps some clay and rubs the bat handle as he climbs back into the batters box. Vince toes the rubber and throws a nasty splitter that hits the plate as DJ fans for strike three. His curve ball was dirty and carving the fat air here in Florida, his splitter was diving and no one touched his fastball. He was having fun! The UMP walked up to him after his first full inning and congradulated him on making it back telling him he missed being behind the dish with Vince on the mound.

One last thing, Perdue University still wants to look at him. "Thank you Lord"

Congrats on the recovery process, tough kid. I have personally been where he is at.
Hate that it happened but in the big picture, it just great that he is doing well.
Amazing story... sounds like the makings of a movie script.

Good luck to your son as he moves forward in life.
Glad to hear your sone is doing well. Thank God.

I had a friend that was hit by a drunk driver at 7:30 in the morning. He was riding his motorcycle to work and made a left hand turn and a drunk guy in a pick-up ran a red light and ran over the top of him. He was pinned under the truck for 20 minutes, too. He was revived in route to the hospital in the helicopter. He had been with out air the whole time he was pinned under the truck and died a few days later in the hospital. GREAT young kid. Non smoker, non drinker, extremely polite and a hard worker. Life just isn't fair all the time. His impact injuries were non life threatening. He suffocated.:mad: We miss you Mikey!

Again, I am VERY happy that all turned out well and that your sone is avoiding motorcycles after what he went through. Too many folks on the road that DON'T belong there.