I'm officially out of the GN game.


May 29, 2001
Saw the old girl ride off into the sunset (actually around 11:30) Saturday night in Windsor, ON. Good luck Richard, treat her well. Car started off in Canada, took a brief tour of the U.S. and is now back in her home town of Brampton.

Kind of sad but luckily for me, Windsor has a pretty good nightlife to help me dull the pain. Went and lost some at the Casino then onto Oulette Street. That town is rather, ahem, "liberal".

For me, I'm joining the import scene in my Geo. Look for it this spring. It is gonna be fun. Only one car to worry about (if you don't count my other non-runners).

I'm not going away either. The Geo is powered by good ole' American LC2.

No more GN's for me though, at least for now. If I ever get another one, it will be MUCH milder and I will enjoy driving it more often than I did with this one.