In tank rubber fuel line


Jun 1, 2001
I'm getting ready to drop the tank and change the three rubber lines off the sender. I'm going to switch them to the gates barricade lines that can handle the ethanol in the gas. I'm thinking about pulling the pump and changing the one in the tank too. Is it 3/8" too? I know I need submersible fuel line and found gates 27084 but its only rated at 100 psi - is that enough? Any other suggestions for the in tank rubber line?

I'm not having any issues but I know the ethanol turns the rubber lines hard after a while. I want to change them before they leak or break.
If your base fuel pressure is around 42psi like it should be , I don't think you'll be hitting 58psi boost pressure . 100psi line will be fine . All though I know someone who is close !!!