Intake manifolds

Some of the equipment I used to make the manifold. I no longer own the bench mounted mill/drill machine I started making the manifold with.
That poor little band saw is hanging tough.
Hanging on the board over the lathe you can see a small number of the many cardboard templates I've collected over the years. The larger one was used to trace out the main plenum body piece.

I posted this because an up and coming fabricator asked about the equipment I use.


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My new toys. A mig welder and a plasma cutter! :eek: I can't wait to play with them.


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Nice equipment......... need any cheap shop biotches lol? Id love to work for someone with your kind of fabricator skills
Caveman Veiw

Machine work= top shelve!!! :cool:
Welding= Ok :eek:
Overall= UFO's don't look no where near as complicated! and look how well they perform. :confused:

Will output equal= input, i.e. materials, time, and did I say time? :biggrin:

PS: You do have some good stuff in your shop!!!!
Donnie, wanna do some fab work? I have a project if you're interested? Just a minor mod to a turbo intake housing. PM me if interested.