Is it ok to use 3-4 gallons of E85 with 93 octane?


May 27, 2001
I posted this in other forum but got no response. I've been doing some searches and if I'm reading correctly I can safely use 3-4 gals of e85 with 9-10 gals of 93 octane without any other changes and without doing any harm to o2 sensor,pump or injectors? As in my signature I've got 50 lb injectors, walbro,new gas tank and filter.
No risk of harming pump, injectors, or O2 sensor. But you will need to have a datalogger hooked up to the car so you can monitor O2 readings, knock retard, and injector duty cycle to make sure are delivering enough fuel at WOT.
expect your BLMs to go up a bit. You could compensate for that by increasing fuel pressure a little.
I ran 50/50 mix on one of my old cars with 50lb injectors and a 93 TT chip for quite a long time. The BL's did go up but I didnt have to increase fuel pressure. The chip made up for the difference. I ran 22 psi with a 49 turbo, no knock.
IMO dont do it...why risk popping a headgasket/killing rodbearings from the mix. Just not worth it..the down time the expense, etc
Actually I'll correct my previous post, I used a 50/50 mix with 42lb injectors.

I would also not advise doing it. I would consider myself to be pretty darn good with these cars and pretty well experienced with e85 and I watch and monitor everything closely and knew the car well enough to know what it could take. And I was simply doing it for tedting purposes and wasnt worried if I grenaded that motor anyhow. This was 6 years ago when people still believed you had to use a stainless gas tank, etc.:rolleyes:

Theres really know sense in mixing, just get a good set of injectors and a chip from Eric and just run 100%. You'll be set. Mkae it easy on yourself.
haha well I would do it, but like Jeremy I am more than comfortable tuning and I know how to make it happen without any worries.

a full on conversion for straight up E85 is definitely the way to go.

I do mix E85 into my 79 trans am. She's carbuerated and she tends to run a bit rich on gasoline, so I like to thin it out a bit with some E85. She likes it too!
Yes, I've done it, no I don't think it shoud be a regular thing. Just a tester to see if you'd like E85.
Mixed drinks and Mixed fuels can have the same bad results! Have a Safe and Happy 2013.
I did it and ran stock boost with stock injectors and man what a difference i only used 30% mixed with sunoco 93....
I believe it's been previously mentioned on here something about a mix of 4 gallons E85 and 10 gallons of 93.
Which is roughly 30% E85.
I'm not sure what else was done.

If you are one of those guys that changes head gaskets every month, go ahead. Otherwise, BEWARE! I personally would not do it. Do the conversion (upgrade fuel system and install E85 chip (or go to FAST)) and then add E85 and CRANK UP THE BOOST! So long tires.
It would be nice if a vendor put together a reasonably priced E85 kit. One purchase and done.

That would be nice but there would have to be several versions, depending on fuel requirements for the motor. For instance, someone wanting to run a stock motor with E85 (no increase in boost) would not need near the upgrades that a hot street/strip stroker motor w/30 lb boost would need. Injector size, diameter of fuel line supply/return, pump capacity, pump controller, desired boost level, and ECM needs are but the start. We may be able to boil it down to 3 or 4 combinations. The hard part is getting the owner to define target HP and boost levels. That may be a great subject for a new "sticky". I would always advise everyone to talk with their TR parts/tuner for optimum equipment for their equipment. Best they call Jack, Cal, Nick, etc for advice.