is this Turbo really capable of 750hp

hmmmm...I guess all things are possible, but for the money I'll stick with the good old TE-45A
Woody are you using Champion Ported Irons or your own home brew:)
heads by

so no, not Champion (mine flow better.....)
That's part of the new series of turbos that garret is coming out with. They have smaller numbers for the same HP output. I think chris wren was testing some of them? Maybe I have my people mixed up. Anyway he said they spooled like crazy since they were smaller but still made decent power up top. Here's a link to their site.

being its on their web site I wouldnt believe it

like them comercials that promise you'll loose two pant sizes in a week :rolleyes:

they use to say a 51 would go 10's too ....after all these years of selling it I havent heard of one doing it yet they list it as low 11's...what it should say is it might go low 11's once