Is this weird? Pics...


Double you eee what?
Apr 7, 2010
I noticed this today as I was looking over the new crank I just settled into a block for storage and noticed the weird flaw between the number 3 and 4 rod journals. The crank is untouched at this point. Anything to worry about? I need to inspect the other webbing between 1/2 and 5/6 yet but they appear to be ok at this point.

On a side note: this is a 4340 steel crank and I had a set of .020 over bearings laying around so I set it in the block with those bearings and gently hand tightened the main caps just to keep it from falling out if I rotate the stand. The crank doesn't sit all the way down, but very close. Any problems with this? I'm throwing away the bearings anyway, but I don't want to hurt the crank but do want it stored in a block.


Did you say that the crank was new or just new to you? I wouldn't worry too much about the fillet. I had my crank completely fall off of a shelf and hit a vise that was bolted to a metal work table. The fillet was bent over , it was broken off when we tried to straighten it. The piece that was left had the rough edges sanded and it is what it is. It balanced perfectly and no oil control issues. 5 years strong and still strokin'. Maybe someone else can chime in about the bearings if there truly is an issue.
It looks like handling damage that has been repaired after the fact. Did you buy this crank form a vendor or another board member?

Have it magnafluxed/checked for straight...and then have the rotating assembly balanced. If you don't want it...give it to me.:)
I bought it from Nick @ Arizona GN. I'm sure it was never out of the box though, so that's why I'm asking here before I try to contact him about it. There are machine marks on both sides of the issue so I'm thinking it was manufactured this way, although still wrong. I guess I should just ask my machinist what he thinks, but I wasn't planning on taking the rotating assembly to him anytime soon. I also don't want to have to address this issue with Nick at some length down the road if there is an issue though. I would have never even seen it had I not stored the crank in my block.