Judging nozzle size with the test button?


I have a banner up top telling me to post, so I thought I would see what you all think. When testing at idle I don't have enough air flow to get it to stumble, but at 2000 rpms in Park I get no stumble with a test button. It's a motorcycle sized engine, and only have an M1 in there now, but there seems to be alot of talk about the test function on the Alkycontrol kit and wanted to know how to judge nozzle size by stumble.
Size of TB, pressure on pump when test is performed, distance from TB, opening at TB, etc etc make a difference on how things happen.

Some imports like the Mitsubishi's 4G63 require blade to be open for a test to happen.

I bet if you ran a larger nozzle, and higher pressure.. it would stumble.