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May 16, 2011
I know it has been around for a while but.............what is the recent thoughts on eliminating the S hose from intake to water pump (timing cover) versus leaving in place. Florida climate, seldom driven, no heater,160 thermostat drilled, new F body rad. ....etc.....? Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated........!
I may be wrong but that gives water someplace to go when the thermostat is closed. Also will help constantly purge air from the system ( if there is any air).
Mine is gone. I cut the nipple off the pump, tapped it, plugged it.
I then removed the intake nipple, used the location for the speedhut temp ga.
160 stat, drilled, Distilled water, RMI25.........95* ambient temps= 160-170*
Imagine a boat propeller, When the throttle is pegged it boils the water due to vacuum, also called cavitation. So now the newly formed bubbles go thought the block and need to be purged. (hot spots formed on the journey?)

I think the factory set up is designed to avoid this. When modified who can say for sure it's been made better or worse?

Hard to prove in real world.
Water pump "bypass" hose....its to help flow some water when tstat is closed. And purge some air......