K-Motion 750 Springs, Deep Sump 20 Bolt Pan, 3" Downpipe, Dual Fans


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Mar 15, 2010
Set of 12 K-Motion 750 Valve Springs - Came with roller cam kit, Champion heads already had the springs so they were not used. $80 shipped

Deep Sump 20 Bolt Oil Pan - Lee Thompson built unit with an additional 1" added in to the sump. Includes extended pickup. Will need to be cleaned VERY well as the last engine ate the rocker shafts. Went to a 4.1 so this pan doesn't work for me anymore. $100

2 Piece Aluminized 3" Downpipe with ported elbow and dump. $125

LT1 dual fan setup - Originally came equipped on a mid 90s Caprice, but was modified to use in a G-body by slightly trimming the lower fan shroud. Both motors work fine and the unit does pull a lot of air. The car it was on was scrapped so I no longer need it. Does not include harness. $50.

3rd Gen F-body (Camaro / Firebird) rear coil spring isolators - Can be used on a G-body to allow use of F-body rear springs, which can be cut for desired ride height. $15

All prices are plus shipping. Pictures are posted here --> http://s273.beta.photobucket.com/user/DJackson1357/library/

If interested in something make an offer, all I can say is no.
I'd like photos of the LT1 cooling fans as well. If you have photos of the cooling fans mounted in the car as well, that would be great.

pmlpml001 at yahoo.com