keep it or toss it out?


May 18, 2010
Would you guys try to salvage this or buy a new one? Gbody has an aftermarket one for $150. The connector seems dried out and brittle. I was reading over the instructions for the pump install and it says if the sock is brown or black, that will lead to premature pump death. Wondering if I should get a new tank as well? Is there a proven method to clean out the inside of the tank?


The oxidation is a telling message that a tank is also required. Coating a fuel tank internally has not historically worked for me. The teflon seems to last a few years and the begins to laminate. Maybe there are new products that will work??
Holy crap Don! After looking at that sending unit I'd be worried about the condition of the inside of the tank. I'd say get a new tank and sending unit. So sorry this ordeal has turned out to be so bad for you. :(

+2!!!!!!!!!:eek: Don't put that damn thing back into your tank!! And check your tank, if the sending/pump assembly is this bad, for sure the tank is a reflection of this. Clean out the tank or get a new one. You don't need constant problems with rust in your fuel system!

Bruce '87 Grand National
Well it's unanimous, looks like I will be getting a new tank and sender...LOL think I well get the sender and tank from nos4gn. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

Good thing you didn't put your new injectors in yet. Let me know when you get the new tank back in and I can help with the injectors if I have time. I think you are going to literally crap yourself when you go wot for the first time when your car is finally running right. :D