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Car Poor
Mar 14, 2005
This years GS Nats has to be the lowest count race cars,show cars,and attendance in a few years. I have only seen 1 GNX,and one TTA this year. I used to see a bunch of Buicks around town at night,but 1 or 2 at best. I am having a good time watching all of the class cars,but it seems this thing is dwindling year by year. Plus i saw 4 non Buicks make passes this weekend.. What is up with that?? Is the economy to blame? Is it the cool weather? I really hope this thing doesn't end anytime soon...

What do you guys think?
Seems to still be going pretty strong to me. I guess I didn't even get over to the car show. Some of the heads up classes could sure use more cars but still having a great time.
Called Scot W today and he said it's cold and overcast with a 20+ MPH wind. That just doesn't sound like fun at all to me. With the election coming up as well as money issues I'm suprised that it's really got anyone there this year.:oops:
Younger generation not interested and the older guys are, well old. :(
The economy, price of gas, hotel, food, cant leave your schit parked without someone stealing it and so on. I blame Obaama. :D

I remember this used to take place in the spring.
Last year was a decent show, '96 was awesome... glad to still see it even going after 25 years. With the economy, be happy to even have show. Hopefully things will be better next year at this time and show attendance will increase.
The younger, newer Buick owners don't go to Bowling Green. Not sure why. The economy for The town of Bowling Green and the Buick Vendors has been very good this year. Anyone who has been coming to this town for years can see that the economy is BOOMING here.

To think someone would not come to our show because of the Presidential election is absolutely ridiculous.
Umm with the cars getting stolen last year and rumor of more cars being stolen than what actually were that prolly hurt it the most plus it needs to be moved back to a warmer date.......
I'd much rather race in this kind of weather. Other than yesterday it has been awesome weather.
Umm with the cars getting stolen last year and rumor of more cars being stolen than what actually were that prolly hurt it the most plus it needs to be moved back to a warmer date.......


I could be wrong, but I suspect there are more people there than you think...they just didn't bring their cars. I'd think twice about bringing mine out given last year's thefts.
Car and spectator counts are down everywhere,Nascar,NHRA,Sportsman drags,local tracks:mad:The economy and day to day expenses seem to be effecting ALL hobbies.Rememeber Turbo Buicks are about quality not quantity;)

I wish they would schedule it for sometime in May again. This is just a bad time of the year to dedicate a week to a car event. Anyone else miss the spring/summer time frame?
It seemed that the May race was rained out half the time... But you are right,car count was up.(seems like). Don't get me wrong,i like watching the class cars for sure(anytime there are turbo buicks racing i am in),it just suprised me that they had 4 non buicks in the test and tune? I guess next year i will bring my 2011 GT Mustang to do some testing? Several years ago i would have been burned at the stake for such an act! LOL
This is the best car community around period.

With that being said, I think that as time goes by and parts get more costly to source, it works against racing a vehicle. Racing and parts breakage go hand in hand.

Gas prices being what they are, event held during the school year, price of hotels and travel being higher, food costs, then throw in the thefts of last year, car now 25+ years old. There ya go. It's not one thing but a combination.

We had A great turnout for our TAI class and all the cars ran great. This is the Largest response I've seen in a long time. Probably helps race gas prices at the pump being 20 per gallon.

I make it every year. In the game of feet it's all about the inches. Everyone puts their part in.. It can't lose

A few didn't make it due to cars not being ready. but I think the majority is due to the theft scare and the economy. (obama recovery)
I think Julio nailed it. I have two sons in school and I used my vacation this year on the power tour since it is held while the kids are out of school and they can go. I would have loved to go but I doubt I would take the Buick due to the thefts last year. The thought of driving the car there and it getting stolen with me left stranded isn't enticing. I don't have very many TR owners around me so the chance to get around other oddballs like me would be nice.
We may have to start traveling in groups and when we stop somewhere, appoint a designated "security guard"...Armed!