King ZL1

If the rap/hip hop culture dislikes haters so much and say they "aint got no time for haters", why do they spend so much time in their, umm songs, talking about how much they hate haters? Not to mention building rolling atrocities like that. When you create crap your going to get crap for it. Ive always been told if you take two piles of crap and try to make it into one you get a bigger pile of crap. Apparently if you take a pile of something nice and throw crap onto it you also get a big pile of crap.

To each their own I guess....
Why did they waste a ZL1? Why not kill a V6 instead? I do like slightly bigger wheels on some cars but not like that. All show I guess.
i want to see proof that it is a real ZL1 before i get even a little bit outraged- and even then my outrage will be held in check by my view that people should be allowed to do whatever they want with their own personal property, even if it looks like a total waste of money and effort to me.
It doesnt appear to have the correct steering wheel to be a zl1 but the hood and front look right.
the hood on a zl1 is aluminum and carbon fiber.....guess they spent more than that on speakers.
i like big rims but this is getting out of control i like the donks with the nice candy paints and maybe 26s but i think 30s is just stupid...not to mention ruining a camaro that will one day be a classic..but if the owners likes and makes him happy so be it...
A pic of the car on stock wheels...

I'd guess it isn't a real ZL1

Oh, and it's beyond fugly IMO. How anyone could honestly look at that and say "That's a good looking car" is incomprehensible to me. I am all for "different strokes" and all of that, but damn!