L67 SC in my 85 G.N.?


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Dec 2, 2005
Don't shoot me. It's just an idea right now. I can do all the reprograming on the computer side so that's no problem.

My biggest concern is will my existing tranny (200R4) bolt to this or do I have to change trannys? What engine mount problems do you see? I'm looking for an easy swap. How much clearance behind the block do I need to make the turn for the air intake? (As measured straight up from the surface the trans would bolt to).

All in-put is appreciated!

ps the reason for this is the old engine is getting old, the turbo's in the same catagory. 86-87 G.N. swaps are getting harder to find, and I'm extremely querious about the L67 S.C.'s.

Randy, I'm not a subject expert, but I think you would have to find a 3800 from a rear wheel drive F body. Good Luck.
This could be done but it will not be an easy install.
i havent done one yet but so far i have come up with yes you can, wait for it wait fot it BUT its gonna cost you. maybe not money wise but to chop a gn i wouldnt be happy seeing that. main issue is if you plan to ust the m90 from the l67 your going to need to relocate some firewall and wiper cowl. if you use the l67 block with l36 heads and intake/ l67 heads intake and m90 block off and a carsound turbo kit it should fit with maybe some minor hammering and a custom j pipe for the tb. depending on my next ride i pick up a l67 type sway is in the mix. i have been screing with them since college and had my own gtp pullin 12's on pump gas and 26mpg. the camaro bellhousing for the 3800 has the starter cover on the driver side. the blocks are identical weather gt/gtp/camaro the l67 has 6 bolt mains the l36 has 2bolt. personally if i were gonna chop a gn for this id go the full route and swap in the camaro t5. get a camaro wiring harness and ecm, let zzperformance.com hook you up with mods, and let dhp tune your pcm. it may take you past your wildest dreams.

ps im also flyboy367 on clubgp.com so feel free to hit me up
I have a camaro t-5 if your interested. Believe it or not it came with a ford bolt pattern. I think it has a longer input than the earlier t-5's used in GM cars though, so you would need to get the correct bellhousing.
You would have to trade the tranys. It won't bolt up to your 2004R. If you do it let me know, I may be interested in your old engine/parts. I also have a 96 series ll sc if you need parts. its high milage but great for parts or rebuild.
Thanks for your input

I've got enough raw data to throw this idea out the window.

I would never cut on my G.N. but prefer to mod parts all day. Even if it ment moving the engine forward in the car. I have time on my side and I'll just keep an eye out for a 86-87 intercooled set up. My main bitch with the 85 is it is so much harder to work on than the 86-87's.

Thanks again for all your input.