Looking for 86-87 GN or T-type


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Feb 6, 2019
Greetings all.... I am new to the Buick turbo scene. I am looking for a 1986-87 Grand National or T-Type. Must be black. What I am looking for in this vehicle would be a street car that is capable of 11's at the track. I probably would only ever take it once or twice to the track but it's nice knowing that the power is there. Interior needs to be near perfect and hopefully it has had a quality repaint since original paint back then was sketchy at best. Rebuilt drive train, street legal, working A/C, quality motor, just a really nice clean street car. Can I find this for around 18k - 22k? By the way... I am located in Wisconsin. Thanks in advance!


Feb 2, 2008
Atlanta, GA
I have a 87 Turbo T Black that is unmolested. It needs finished as I dont have time anymore with my kids playing travel soccer. It only has 53K miles and I have all new parts to complete it. New interior, new seals, the original wheels and new tires. All the body work is done just needs painted. The original color is Black. Let Me know