Looking for a turbo for a stock converter...


Dec 3, 2009
As the title says. Must have the following...NO SHAFT PLAY AND NO BLOWBY!!!! I can't stress that enough! Be complete! Reasonably priced! Work with Stock converter! Look decent :D

Thanks alot guys.
I ll have a nice stock turbo with less than 40K miles on it in a few weeks if you re interested-$250. Shipped
Kinda slipped my mind that you had multiple cars:rolleyes: I got a board member that is rebuilding a ta49 for me, I'll see if he's got any more turbos lying around and get back to you.
I have a turbonetics stage 3...great street turbo can be used with stock converter..and if you get a boost controller it may even spool as fast if not faster than a stock turbo. I have one of those as well.