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Jul 10, 2008
I removed the bolt from the rear lower control arm, axle side. Axle wants to pull forward - I can align the holes but I run out of hands kinda quick, any tips on how to do this solo? Shock and spring are out, but otherwise stock set up.
Possibly try a ratchet strap to hold the axle back, and then use the jack to move the axle up and down as needed.
Ah great ideas, guys, thanks! I got another pair of hands coming over this evening but I'm going to see if I can't get it done myself before then.
Drum prevents getting one in from the outboard side, or am I misunderstanding the tool/technique you're thinking of?
Tool from inside, to keep holes aligned, insert bolt from outside, pushing out the tool.


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Another trick I used.
Jack stands under the frame, jack under the rear. Put the tire back on, 3 lugs hand tight is OK (don't forget later).
Lower the rear so the tire is just touching the ground. Roll the tire front/back to move the axle. You can roll the tire with one hand, and align/insert bolt with the other.