Losing fuel pressure


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Nov 2, 2013
Hey guys I'm a little stumped. I noticed my car doesn't start well after sitting. It'll fire up and die right after. It'll start back up but have to crank it for a bit. I also noticed that after the car sits for about 2 hours without being started the fuel pressure will drop 30 psi. I'm thinking maybe it's the injectors or the fuel pressure regulator, but have no clue how to test them
If you have your old stock FPR, swap it out. It will work well enough for a test.
as long as theres no fuel leakage at the injector top oring , fuel regulator oring , fuel feed orings at rail and frame and fuel rises 1:1 under boost then dropping to 30psi after 2 hrs isnt a problem as the regulator is not designed to be a perfect seal only a regulator of flow to maintain base pressure , even to 0 after 2 hrs i dont consider abnormal , theres also a check in the neck of the fuel pump that could be leaking slightly but the check is not a real nescessity as external pumps dont even have a check ..
our cars prime from the ecu . if you dont reach base pressure after prime you could have hard crank due to insufficient pressure for proper spray.
if you have base pressure after prime your hard start is unrelated unless after start it smokes heavy which could indicate an injector leak
how old is your chip
e85 can be difficult to start when cold and it has been cold lately in NJ
I'm actually back on gas since the last time I pm'd you. After we spoke I ordered a new chip from Eric and went back on gas

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Sometimes it will only start if I press the pedal slightly. Last night I tried starting it without pressing the pedal and it would start and die instantly. It happened 4 times before I went ahead and pressed the pedal

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if pressing pedal helps you need to check your IAC position (tps position too).. odds are you have high iac count and need to decrease the iac by opening the throttle blade using the screw on the driverside of the the throttle body , or your iac solenoid is sluggish or stuck