Lots of nice parts for sale with pics

Fat Nat

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May 25, 2001
Here you go guys cleaning the garage. These parts are listed with shipping included. call me with any questions.
Thanks Jeff
Ported TB and plenum 75.00
kirban aluminum horn ring and pad 40.00
NOS 14 bolt oil pan with baffle 100.00
87 fuel rail 40.00
oil fill cap and tube 25.00
aluminum underdrive pulley and fan insert. 50.00
stock crank pulley 30.00
power steering resevoir and cap 70.00
power plate stock plenum 35.00
nice headlight cover(these are the good ones that fit in the headlight bezel 40.00)
a/c delete pulley 35.00
oil cooler and lines 30.00
billet turbo inlet 25.00
fuel tank sending unit 70.00
alt y bracket 35.00
assesory plate ac ps alt 75.00
belt tensioner 75.00
hard vac lines 40.00


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oil filler and tube

What condition is the tube. Are the tabs that latch on to the valve cover in good shape? Does it stay on tight? If so is that 25 shipped in the US?
More pics of the power steering reservoir and cap. Interested.
Matts 87 We4

hey, the pic shows gr. nat. horn ring plastic, is that alum? if stock, I'm interested. thank you.