Low Mile 1987 T-Type Charcoal w/Gray Buckets


Jun 6, 2001
1987 T-Type with 31K miles. Charcoal Gray with Gray buckets. Black-out package, Concert Sound (working ant.). Power options.

Car is very nice. Interior is mint (better than my 9K mile limited) except headliner and sunvisors are just starting to sag. (I have new visors and Oil Service sticker from Gbodyparts.com). Interior is 9.5 of 10.

Original paint is very good except the car has several rockchips below the belt. Seems to have always been garaged. Bumper fillers and header panel were just repainted as they began to become chalky looking and would turn back about 2 weeks after being waxed. Fillers are very soft and header was just painted to help blend. All exterior rubber trim is soft and as new. Chrome is perfect. Excessive chips make the car an 8 of 10 exterior.

I had an aftermarket turbo on the car which lost a bearing and messed up my oil pump. This resulted in a complete rebuild by Bennet Racing (and a PO'ed owner) about 1K miles ago. Car has a Eagle forged crank, 009 inj, 93 chip, THDP, (Jet-hot Coated stock headers, valve covers, turbo shield, intake/up pipes), big neck intercooler, very small TCI converter, stainless exhaust. Stock everywhere else. Drives excellent would take cross country.

The car sits on Simmons wheels at the moment but will be sold with Telstars and new tires (3k miles on them) and original wheels and tires (GT's dryrotted).

I have the window sticker and books.

Car is located in NW Alabama. Please post or send questions to RUN4BUX@aol.com for a quick response.

Looking for $15,500 obo. I'll try to get more pics later.


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Where @ in NW Ala are you located?? I am in B-ham and I know someone who may be very interested in the car.. Has it ever been wrecked or any damage besides the motor??
I'm in Haleyville about 45 min. North of Jasper. I could meet with the potential buyer at a set date and time weather permitting.

The car has never been wrecked. I have harshly described the car as I am very anal about my autos. It is a very nice clean example of a Turbo Regal. I don't believe a potential buyer will be disappointed.

My number is 205-486-0893 if you would like to talk. Call after 5 p.m. and before 11 p.m. and don't bother leaving a message as my voice mail is screwed or give me your number and I'll contact you.

Thanks for looking.

Hey I am very interested but I want it with the Simmons!! You can keep the telstars and stockers. Let me know or call me so we can talk. I asked you about buying when you had first put those Simmons on there.
Chance Gulley
I'll vouch for Shane. I have known him over several years now and everything I've ever known him to have was pampered to say the least.

Good luck Shane.. Wish I was in a position to buy now!

Exactly what I was looking for months ago. :( I finally ended up with a white one. Very nice looking though, very rare color with black trim. Good luck.
Chance - I'm sending more large pics this morning. I'll post resized ones on here later.

Dcving - Sorry we missed the timing scenario you needed but white is also a favorite of mine.

1ARUNEM - Good to hear from you Warren. Thanks for the compliment. Give me a shout one day when a group gets up to goto Steele or Montgomery. I'd like to get everyone together at the track again.

Like I said I'll post more pics today. Thanks board.
Hope these posts. I had to crop them to get them below the size limit.


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Thanks for all the compliments, it will make someone a very nice driver/local show peice.

I'll post pics of my limited when I get it out of the shop as I am having some underhood detailing done (powder coating, Jet hot headers)
What all has been done to the motor besides the eagle crank??? Ported heads, girdle, steele mains???? Also , how much for the Camaro with the HRE wheels???
RU - As the car was going back near stock the only hardcore part is the crank. Also the fact the price of the Eagle crank was comparable to a stock buick piece. The whole engine was broken down and reassembled by Bennet Racing here in my hometown.

Here is a link to the Camaro on E-bay also obo.


Phat - I may trade for a LOW mile Mustang Coupe/Cobra or comparable Turbo T/A.
Hey, Can I have some info on the wheels? Where do you get them? What size and backspacing? BTW, nice car!

Nevermind, I did a search and found the info. Thanks anyway.