Made the move to Jacksonville N.C.


Going to be buried in this.
Well I got the hell out of Michigan and move down to Jacksonville N.C.. And no I am not in the service. This is the home to Camp Lejune. However I love all helicopters flying pass my house. Way cool. I have not seen a GN here at all. Hope to have Plates soon so I can drive mine.

Welcome to NC!! Go to Yahoo Groups and sign up under GM TURBO 6 so you can stay in touch with all the meetings we do. Maybe you can get a spare spot at the Charlotte AutoFair. Hope to see ya soon...
I lived in Jacksonville for a few years, kind of a ****ty place, but o'well.
I live about an hour south of it now in Wilmington. There is not alot of TR action around here.
You do have a 1/4 mile dragstrip though, we frequent it quite a bit:cool:

Was at MCAS New River...frequented Wilmington alot on the weekends...Nice people there...The eating, the scenery...Wish when I was there, they told me about the track...
Welcome to NC! I am in Greenville, believe it or not NC is a hot bed of Turbo Regals:cool:
Welcome to the land of heat, humidity and mosquitos the size of bald eagles! Shane is right: we're kinda scattered across the state but there are a bunch of us out there....
I am planning to move to wilmington in a year or so. I worked there for a summer awhile back and wanted to come back. My job here moved me down. But I would love to get together with you all, and I do love going to track. But I have this no "cage" problem.

Welcome to NC. Sent you a PM about GM_Turbo6.
Conrad Carter
Welcome to NC, Lots of nice weather & people here!
Be sure to join the group Conrad sent you info on. We try to meet up somewhere every month. We do have a few members down your way too.
Not sure on the 8th mile thing. Its new to me. I like to run the 1/4 so I can see 130 mph passes. Makes you feel like you made something make power. And thanks for all the welcomes. I love the fact I can go to the beach whenever I want. Plus I saw a gn today going to Topsail Island. It was on the bridge coming off. But I must say I feel like I have lost the car feeling down here. Coming from Detroit where we have the woodward cruise. No action here in town. I guess I will keep my money. I hope to see you guys sometime. Thanks.
Good to see you got moved. We're kinda slack on getting a gathering this month, it's been too hot to even think about doing much! If you get a chance in Sept cruise over to Charlotte for the AutoFair, you 'll see plenty of vehicles! Be sure to join our Yahoo group, as well as keep watch here for events