MAP sensor is lit up in red?


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Feb 2, 2004
kpa map is lit up in red almost constantly. Just for a second it will go yellow. Car won't idle its runing very bad jumping around etc.
The MAP psia is always red in color. I have a code 132 and can't find any info on codes? FAST b2b wb ecm. Does this mean my 2 bar map sensor is shot?
this is frustrating me :(
two weeks ago the car idled good at 1100 with the demo program untouched. I relized two weeks ago the o2 was no good from the blown engine last spring. So last week I send it back to FAST and get a new 02 and firmware update and know it does this crap. I hope I just need a new map so I can finaly drive the car down the road.
Sounds more like a bad connection to the MAP sensor to me, actually. Wiggle the connector and see if you can trigger anything that way.

When MAP sensors fail, they usually don't drop to the minimum output level like you are describing. Make sure all three pins are making good contact, check pin A for a good ground, and check pin C for 5 volts. I don't think this problem is quite as bad as it may seem to you right now.

Good luck and let us know what you find.
Thanks Craig I will try that tommorow. So there is a definite problem with the map?That number should never be in red unless the car is not running correct.
Even if the car isn't running, that value shouldn't be red. The only time I've ever seen it in red is if the MAP connection is bad or the sensor is completely disconnected.
Not sure what happened? I go back tonight turn the key forward expecting the map to still be red, its yellow hmm. So I wiggle the map sensor and poke at it and it stays yellow. I fire it up and the car warms up and idles like it should. So the car seemed to fix its self with out the car even moving or starting up. Well the car idles decent at 1100rpm so I'am happy with that. I want to run the car when the weather is dry and do a datalog with some boost and see what the AF ratio looks maybe sunday. Thanks Craig for the prompt service. :)