March 2022 - Please Read

Hopefully the looters & rioteers (is that a word?) will come down with fatal CV-19.
The useless sack of shit living his wet dream of sitting in a chair smoking weed while everyone watches him watch chaos unfold needs some background muzac

What the hell are the mayors and governors waiting for. Bring in the damn military and clean house. This isn’t gonna stop unless they start taking these looters down
Same with Philly. Like that’s gonna do anything

Supposed to provide the Police with an extra tool for arrests. Hundreds were arrested in Portland, Or. after the 2016 election. None prosecuted. Just let them go.
The COMMON thread................Run by Demonrats. Every single one of them.
One of the worst: Loading cars with incendiary materials. Only upside is, when it goes off, the protesters catch the brunt of the flame front, and shrapnel.
I still can't understand why this tool is not being deployed.
A "clean" method of crowd control: Water cannons. Dye in the water = easy id of the perps.
A side benefit is knocking down some of the fires.
ummm.. will all these riot people how do they get there ?? Bus's ?? Who pays for these buses ?? Go after both. 1 for the money and the other is to let the demonstrators load up in the busses an lite em up. If they can jump out SHOOT em !! Obviouslly what they are doing (NOTHING) to stop this shit isn't happening.
Police were getting serious last nite. They were spraying them with rubber bullets and tear gas and pushing back at them and arresting them. Kudos to the Youtubers who are out in this doing live feeds filming the looting/destruction that the lefty MSM won't report on.
Does anyone know the statue that was pulled down last nite...think it was in Kentucky. They were trying to pull a monument down with a truck last nite but weren't successful.