March 2022 - Please Read

will all these riot people how do they get there ?? Bus's ?? Who pays for these buses ??
It's being documented that this is exactly what's happening.
George Soros is well known to finance this shit.
One report I read, involved a young girl being arrested in 3 different cites, in different states.
They are being bussed around to wherever the action needs added bodies.

And the article said that the driver was reaching in his pocket. If the police were following their standard m.o. then this would have been another dead black guy.........right??? So take the fact that they didn't MURDER him, doesn't that mean they are not using enough force???? Sorry, I mean normal force, so if they are handling black men with less force than normal how can they be fired for excessive force? Police give the guy an order to stop and he doesn't so are they supposed to say, well okay but next time stop okay...

Bad thing is that the two officers who were fired, one was over twenty years on the job at Atlana and the other one was over fifteen years. Bye bye pensions.

Of course most of this is the MSM's fault. They use emotional language such as murdered, killed, excessive force, racism, etc. instead of accurate but neutral words such as misunderstanding, death, and dying. I think people understand that death and dying is natural and realize that it may not mean any malice was involved but the words murder and killed means that something or someone is responsible and the act was deliberate. So a pox on those who use their words to get views and elicit emotional responses from those who do not realize that they are being manipulated to feel a certain way.
Received a call from a buddy who lives in SoCal. Someone purchased several truck loads of bricks & dropped off pallets of bricks at strategic locations hours before the protestors gathered.
THE PAST is never far is more than who we are ....we have lost ourselves....out there....GOD speed
Oh there was some looting and burning back in those days, just not on the scale of today. Because they did get shot. The day we did our stupid shit there was broken store fount glass some burning cars and what not. However straight up , we whites treated people of color like shit and more shit back in those days. Everyone knows their own heart. We were bad, because we were raise that way. Yes l for one have regrets for some of the things I’ve done. I still remember on the main four lane highway out of Raleigh with the big KKK billboards. Looking back that was bad. Wonder how people of color felt. Never wrote about this stuff before, don’t know why I’m doing it now?
I want some pics ray ....truth....very important ....
^^^ A deterrent >>>>>> Pick up a brick, you die. Real simple concept.
The brick is obviously a deadly weapon....Treat the perp accordingly.
Sniper coverage...Use the bricks as "bait". :cool:

I see a report from NYC, where a police officer was pointing his weapon at a perp, after his supervisor was hit w/ a brick.
People are slamming the officer, for using his weapon...Wtf is going thru people's minds?
These lefty mayors, governors, police chiefs, should be put out front, so they can see what's really happening. With a bit of luck, they'd eat a bullet, or at least a brick.
I've been watching the live feeds I posted in the evenings. 6 blocks of Minneapolis are now controlled by gangs. One gas station has couches in the parking lot. When are these Governors gonna get tough with these rioters.
These 'protesters' are referred to as joggers. And I've never seen so many joggers with hammers.
They must belong to the same athletic association as that guy in Georgia. You know the one that was in the house that didn't belong to him in a neighborhood that he didn't live in. Never mind that he matched the description of a suspect in a couple of burglaries in the same neighborhood, he was just out for a jog.