March 2022 - Please Read

The right way to deal with these assholes....

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Last offense he held a pregnant woman at gunpoint with the gun aimed at her unborn child 2007....what a hero ....20 dollar bill>>>>>> :mad:
Minneapolis city council has voted to disband the Minneapolis Police Department.
When you have the "LCD" being able to vote, this is what you get.
Case in point: This is a response from one of the morons in Minneapolis.
" "We don't want no more police," the woman questioning him continued. "Is that clear? We don't want people with guns toting around in our communities, shooting us down." "
The people voted these idiots in, let them live with their decision.
Just wish there was a way to prevent Democrats from moving into my State. Tired of moving away from locations that were once nice & considered home, only to have it ruined by Dems 5-15 years later.
I dig some digging about the BLM. When you contribute on their goes through Actblue...who is affiliated with...wait for it...the Democrats. Since the death of George Floyd...the BLM has racked up 19 million in donations.