Merry Christmas to me (Stage II parts)


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I just bought myself some Christmas gifts!!!!
3 pallets of S2 parts are on there way next week and i cant wait.
1 new 153 S2 block never run
1 complete fresh short block 9:1 4.00 bore never hurt with a new never run billet crank and Carilo rods
I new set of 9:1 pistons
1 used un hurt std/std billet crank
1 used hurt billet crank
1 repaired 153 block with the pan skirt fixed with a 4:00 bore and No sleve,s
1 hurt block and crank that the guy says he cant even get the crank out of:eek:
1 set of fresh heads with rockers
1 set of used heads less valves
1 pete jackson gear drive
lot of extra roller rocker
1 dry sump pump
new rings and bearings
4 NA intakes
lots of extra stainless exhaust valves
valve covers
and lots of extra stuff the guy has laying around...
I already have a hurt billet crank that has blackend 2 throws that im sending back to Crankshaft Specialists...Has anyone here used them to chrome back a billet crank?I will have it fixed and then see what i will do with it.By the end of all this i will have 5 billet cranks 6 blocks. 4 off them will go to the highest bidder on ebay later this winter along with the extra cranks,heads,intakes,rods,roller rockers ect....I will post the link to the auctions in the for sale section and the Stage 2 tech section .. Save your money
Does get mad if you do that?
Wait a second,

I thought I was the one trying to corner the market on Stage II parts. Would you believe Off center Stage II parts. ;)

Congrats! If you come across any more good deals now that your stocking/garage are full let me know.

damn unemployment must pay good..:D

goodluck with your stg 2 project im sure you'll be flying when your done like your not already..;)
Where do you people get the money?:confused: I have a hard enough time buying(and still paying for) what little I have. But like I've said many times before, I WILL HAVE A STAGE II BUICK ONE DAY!!!!:D
By the time this is all over i will have way less in the S2 than my stock block:) The upgrade on the rest of the car is going to cost me:eek:
Having the parts and making them work are two different things:D The parts dropped in my lap and i would have been a fool to say no:D Its about time i got lucky on some of this Buick stuff:)
Aloha Geno, It's me the Hawaii guy. I just got done christmas shopping and it's looking kinda grim:( How's about you come down a couple thou and I'll send you some HULA GIRLS;) :D :D Les
You must be getting into the local weed over there:D
Give me a call and we can talk...

...send me that block, i think i can repair it! lol, damn! i've never seen a block like THAT !
I got that off another post from a guy that had a little boost creap and 92 octane with no scan tool:eek: Like he said 92 octane+ over boost+ no scan tool=new motor LOL
After seeing that block with the small crank in it:eek: I think I'll be looking for a steel 3.4 narrow journal crank. Does anyone have one just laying around? If so I'll put it to good use. Just let me know. Thanks Tim
Your right i would be bad at it because id have to feel right about or it would eat me alive:( I hope you dont think that was my old block because if you do i will take a picture of it to prove to you its not. I still have my old block laying around with the cracked web.Great now you think that was mine:eek: See what you started Norbs:rolleyes: LOL