Merry Christmas to me!!!


May 24, 2001
Decided after this morning, rather than sit around all day, might as well rip out the carpet in my newly acquired buick.

It sat for 4yrs, carpet is a light beige and stained, and car has the "I have been sitting!" smell.

No biggie, pull seats, pull console, pull carpet, put down new, clean seats, reinstall, done. 4hr job.


That is where my gift comes in.

Drivers side floor is rusted, and so is pass rear.

Rather than fix it, or should I say put a bandaid on with fiberglass, i decided to do it CORRECT!!!.

So I now have 2 holes cut in floor. one 2' x 2', other is 16" x 30".

O well. Time to go cut some sheet to form a replacement.

Sometimes having the ability to do these things is a drawback, as you can't bring yourself to do the quick fixes.

I know exactly what you mean! I own my own body shop and as bad as I want to do quick fixes on my GN, I JUST CAN'T DO IT!!! Got to go all the way and do it right.:rolleyes: Just cause I know how.
i did a similare repair but on the passenger side front just above the converter, worked out really well, all i had where i was is a mig welder, i would of rather tig welded it in, but i feel your pain. i had just painted the whole back sheetmetal, the area behind the tail lights, and due to the fact that it was a race car i then decided that the truck catch had to go, after drilling the spot welds it looked like crap, ended up removing the whole gas tank filler recess, it looks soo much better now, but i had to repaint the area and it frustrated the living crap out of me at the time, but always better in the end.
Well, in an effort to save time I didn't try to locate any good used panels, but instead made my own.

Pass rear came out REALLY well for a scratch built panel.

Drivers front is ok, not perfect but not bad either.

For a driver it will last forever.

Tig welding them in sucks, wish I had a mig instead. Holding the torch, rod, flipping helmet down all while crammed under the dash was no fun.

It's done anyways.