Michigan Muscle 4 Video Is Here! + Info


Well big thanks to everyone that helped including the people helping with the hosting on MM. (Little2v, BigJ, and 502SS) I suggest downloading from the first link and use the other 2 as backups.

I know its a HUGE file (its 17.26 minutes long) and I apoligze for that but I had so much video and wanted everyone to be in it so I had to make it a little longer. If the file is to big to download or won't play on your PC, I do have a DVD version that has a menu and includes all the previous videos I have made (MM1-4 and MMparty) and if I have time I might even include a members ride section in the DVD if enough people send me stuff of their cars, and of course if I have enough time since this is just something I do for fun in my spare time. If you want the DVD, PM me for details. I will probably just need to cover the cost of the actual single layer dvd that I will be using + time so maybe 10 bucks + shipping (if you need it shipped).

Anyways, here are the links. Feel free to pass the links around. :) Thanks again to everyone!
BAD AsS vid man!!!!!! My girlfriend just got pissed cause I jammed it through my home stereo off the computer while she was watching golf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --------Jeremy