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Oct 28, 2006
Dennis Kirban has been going on and on about the oil additive ZDPP something or other for a while now. It sounds like a good idea, but I don't feel like paying $50 for six bottles of this stuff and having to complete a waiver for "off highway use". A friend of mine uses the Rotella diesel oil, and he hasn't had a problem. Kirban says you should use it because of all the detergents in the diesel oil. Auyone have any info on this subject?
Ummmm, Mobil 1?

The subject of oils and additives has been beaten to death. And unless your a Petroleum Engineer by education, and I don't think anyone here is (?), it all just bla, bla, bla.

Mobil 1 and don't waste your hard earned $$$ on anything else.

Yup mobile 1 non synthetic for all my cars for years. About a year ago there was a thread here about V-TWIN motorcycle oil that has a high concentrate of zinc in its oils. Might do a search on that. Im not sure if the oil is still available or high in zinc.

A local buddy of mine is adding acetone in his gasoline

Theres some nice reading for ya!

acetone in gasoline - Google Search


I was looking for a cheap alternative. The V-twin motorcycle oil is about $8 per quart. How much is non-syn mobil one?
Im not sure on the current price of oil, last i checked it was less than 2.00 per quart.

Kmart used to sell it really cheap. 1.34 on sale.

Ive always just ran 10w40 year round.

Do Your Homework

I agree with strikeeagle. The folks here are not lubrication engineers and the subject has been beaten to death but the threads do include important observations from people who have experience (from rebuilding 600 or so motors) and others who spent a lot of time studying and testing oils. Look at such threads as

My only comment is that throughout these I see a failing of people to research the oil they are using (or they show no real evidence as to why they are using it). Since its time for me to change my oil and being concerned about Zn & P levels, I contacted Red Line Oil and they responded "... our motor oils contain 1230 ppm zinc and more importantly 1100 ppm phosphorus, this is sufficient for good flat tappet cam protection additional shouldn't be required" On the other hand, this stuff is $8.50/qt but I don't put on more than a few hundred miles/year. If it was a daily driver, I would think otherwise. And then I would contact the company to see what it contains.
I just changed my oil. The parts guy said to use Valvoline premium conventional SAE30. Anyone know if this is good oil for these cars?
Should I re-change my oil since I used the conventional valvoline sae30? or will it be ok until the next oil change??
I use the older version Rotella as recommended by my cam manufacturer for the extra ZDDP additives. If you are running a roller cam its not as big of a deal but modern oils are hard on flat tappet cams. In a nutshell, modern emssions compliant oils don't have the anti-wears addtives they did in the past. HD truck oils and racing oils still have them because they are not emssions compliant in passenger cars. The additives are not required but do help especially with flat tappet cams.
I always use Mobil 1 syn and add 1 bottle of ac delco engine oil suplement,never had a problem and thats all I run in my everyday cars as well.