My Buick is out in the pole barn whining!!


May 29, 2001
She's cold. She's got a new engine waiting to get inside her. What the heck should I tell my neighbors?? I'm not kidding. She's loud at night. Just before I fall asleep I can start to hear her. What do I do???
I don't think the neighbors will be all that surprised. They own boring vehicles bereft of any personality and probably are intrigued at such a beast. The few who would complain will suffer their own reckoning once you get the new engine in.

One should not question the Buick, only obey.
Maybe you can drown out her loud wailing at night by falling asleep to "Sandman" by Metallica!:D
You're welcome to store your Buick here in Florida for the winter. They love winters here and are best exercised and respond better to your commands during this time. I will be more than happy to exercise her at least once a week, possibly more. I will do this FREE OF CHARGE, and when you come back in the spring to reclaim her, I promise she'll be clean and have a full load of fuel, plus a fresh trim on the tire treads. ;)