Myspace User's please read


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Hey guys I just made another myspace account but this one is dedicated to my Buick Grand National. So if you guys are interested and have a myspace account, please add me as you friend. Myspace address is . I will be posting various pics of the gn, mods I have done and current time trials. I started this GN with about 80K miles and was running like crap! Now that I worked out all the bugs its time to tune and mod, I will post about mods and do and how much faster I got including pics and everything. But for now its a blank space so please bare with me. Thanks!
Hey guys thanks for those who have added me as a friend to there myspace account. I have added a few pictures and will add more over time and I will also be adding some videos of both my cars at the track and try to add some "how to" videos for those interested. This weekend we will be rebuilding my trans so I will try to film that for all those who always wanted to learn how or see how its done but never got the chance! Thanks again guys!